That human desire which won't listen to reason: the well-being

"Hello! How are you?" It will be a ritual question, but it is usually the first thing we ask when we meet a friend. And it is no a coincidence.

Being well is a priority of all, a thought that we have for ourselves and the people we love. Tha's why it is the first question that we ask when we meet someone, a thoughtful attention that has gradually become a formality.

The well-being, that condition which makes us "feel good", is a set of factors that touches all spheres of daily life, there are those who think it belongs to health, those who think about love or prosperity. What is certain, is that people have always strives to improve their lives, namely looking for well-being.

Even the work of Skema focuses on the well-being of people and, day after day, the goal is to continually raise continually the standards of one of the most important factors of our living well: the environments in which we live.


Feeling good = staying healthy

The first factor to consider when we talk about welfare is certainly linked to health and safety.
More and more raises awareness that to stay healthy we have to look at the entire production of the goods we buy raises more and more. This means high quality raw materials that are not toxic, that do not release unhealthy substances and that they are produced respecting the environment.
This applies also to the materials we use for our homes and all architectural spaces.

Well-being as involvement of the senses

But in our view this idea of welfare is limited. Important, yes, but not complete in describing what actually makes us reach that much desired sensation of feeling actually good, at ease, in an environment.

Because wellness means also and above all to involve all the senses with which we perceive reality.
If we think for example to all those places born to make us feel good, like a spa, a gym or even a green park, all these places have in common the ability to stimulate agreeably as many sensory aspects.
The beauty center, place of worship of beauty and relaxation always have these characteristics; smells good at the entrance, a relaxing background music, warm floors and pleasant under bare feet, cozy rooms with soft lighting and temperature, colors and furnishings to make us feel in an exclusive place of peace and beauty.

That's why when we design spaces, to make them really places to feel good, it is important to go beyond the factors related to safety and healthiness.
That's why Skema for the design of furnishing solutions considers all the elements that engage the senses.


Technology at the service of well-being

Technological research in Skema is not a race as an end in itself, but a rational path which considers from time to time all the practical needs of living.
That's way we realized, for example, sound surfaces-corrective measures, to improve the experience indoor acoustics, from conference rooms, classrooms, to restaurants.
But always from this perspective, we do also the wall coverings that combine functionality, beauty and originality, as the vertical green or walls made with wood from old barrels.
Because even the sight and touch count.

Skema knows it, and its products reflect the awareness that the shapes and materials for the environments that man designs must bring people who live in spaces to achieve physical and mental well-being.

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