Skema website is renovated.

New graphics and renewed content for what is Skema main web communication channel.

We have changed our look and now we show it to you in all its beauty. We have restyled Skema website, the main communication channel with web users where you can find all the news in real time. A content-rich, functional and responsive website that is also easily accessible from the mobile.
The restyling that we wanted for our website regards both the graphic layout as well as its structure, that has been implemented with some novelties.

Contextualized Gallery

A website in Italian and English language studied for an optimized use where you can look for products and their specifications and have easy access to a gallery organized according to product type and  to the different contexts in which we everyday live: houses, hotels, shops, offices, restaurants, etc. A lot of images to see the product in detail but also in real ambients because Skema aims to offer complete solutions, not merely products, also ideas and inspirations for an optimal design where functionality combines to aesthetics for creating design technological systems.

User Friendly

The new graphic layout combines together functionality and aesthetics, the navigation between the pages is intuitive and fast, the product and download section always updated.  The subscription request dedicated to professionals to download exclusive contents is unchanged. The responsive layout automatically adapts to the device used, so that Skema website can always be seen clearly and easily from desktop, smart phone, or tablet.

News always plain sight

The news section has been implemented. From now you can see the latest news and also search into the archive according to the topic of interest or to the year of publication, in this way the research of information and thematic reading is facilitated. You will no longer loose any focused analysis and you will be always updated thanks to the possibility of reaching the news section from various points of the website.

Good surfing

Discover all the news of the various sections, see how the Gallery has changed, use filters of the research system to find the product you need and share the articles you like on your social.
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