2017 styles, interior decoration trends and design agenda

We are in the middle of February and we can already see if the trends envisaged for 2017 are actually asserting themselves or not.

We need to look beyond the horizon of these cold months to figure out whether the colors and styles suggested by interior design experts will actually be the most appreciated by the general public. What is important is to be prepared, like those who want to be bikini ready: now is time to enroll in a gym, then it will be too late. 

What are 2017 interior design trends?

There are some novelties and some confirmations that impose themselves increasingly in the design and interior decoration. As for the latter, this is true especially for styles.

But let's see in detail what is being proposed for 2017.


Styles, more certainties then real innovations

A look back at the past continues to fascinate and mixes with the most contemporary styles, particularly the bold colors and shapes from the 50's, so vintage is a word that we will hear often in this 2017.

Another great certainty is the Nordic style that has conquered the hearts of latins and that proves to be a fresh style (it comes from the north) beloved especially by young people who appreciate its spontaneity. In 2017 we will see it combined with country chic style, still in vogue but not as strong as a few years ago.

The real novelty of 2017 is the tropical style, we already saw some hints of it last summer, but this year it will be even more present, lively, colorful, and daring.

So, welcome to the intense green, blue, yellow, and the colors full of fun.

Interior design colors

Talking about colors, 2017 promises a riot of prints and references to nature, with maxi flowers and leaves.

Pantone decreed green as color of the year and it chose the Greenery tone, a shade closed to pastels, to the color of fresh spring grass and Granny Smith apples.

Although Green is the official color, it won't be the only one to dominate the scene. A strong use of intense blue, especially for  furnishing, is also expected.

These were the guidelines described by design and interior décoration experts, but to be updated throughout the year, we indicate you the main events related to the world of interior design, architecture and building that will take place between now and the end of the year.

2017 design meetings

From now to the end of the year there is a nice list of events that allow us to know the trends and innovations in the sector, we mention here only some of the most important ones. The year started with Domotex in Germany and Maison&Objet in Paris (there's always September edition), the next steps that are definitely not to be missed, in chronological order, are the Biennale Internationale Design in Saint-Étienne (9 March – 9 April) in France and the most important for the furniture and design sector, the Salone del Mobile di Milano (April 4-9) joined this year by Euroluce and Workplace 3.0, passing first though the Milano Architettura Design Edilizia (March 8 – 11).

Also noteworthy is the New York X DESIGN (May 3-24), the American equivalent of the Milan design week and the London Design Festival for those seeking inspiration and innovation, from September, the 16th to the 24th.

In our experience, finally, you should see at least one of the 14 editions of Architect@work spread between Europe and Canada, a new way of experiencing the event focused exclusively on the professional world of architecture.

After this brief overview it is clear that in 2017 there are so many opportunities to deepen and explore the proposals of the interior design world. In the meantime, let's enjoy the new proposals and let's include them in our future projects. 




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