All the values behind the restyling of 'LIVING'


We are used to think about product as a mix of materials, workmanship and expertise, enhanced by the proper communication and promotion.

But every product has a more complex story to tell. A story about values.


We want to present you our new  'LIVING' line, but we don't want to talk about technical or aesthetic innovation. We want to tell you the story behind 'LIVING', we want to talk about values.


Let's start from...the end.

When someone chooses a new flooring, the product responds only partially to technical expectations. Of course it must be durable, competitive, enjoyable and meet specific needs, but there is another aspect, which is particularly important in case of private homes.


The emotion.

Our home is, first of all, a project that summarizes all our life expectations and our self image. We try to make this dream about ourselves come true choosing materials, colors and every other details of our house. And we choose a specific flooring because it belongs to this dream.



Nobody in the world has more dreams than a child and for nobody else is so easy to believe in the possibility to achieve them.

This is the starting point of the restyling of ‘LIVING'.

Easy to clean, safe, in different size, well-finished, quick to install, authentic and recyclable: these are the values and the quality of ‘LIVING'.


To transform into reality the expectations that a new home brings with it, people need a flooring that combines emotion and technology and, above all, a flooring that encourages sharing, self-expression, and an easier life. A flooring, for example, that grants us the freedom to eat a pizza sitting on the ground if this makes us happy, and not a flooring that forces us to renounce in the name of cleanliness.

In short, a easy flooring created for free dreamers!

This is the new ‘LIVING'.


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