Moodboard and Nadura’s Had Their Debut at Architect @Work 2015


Architect @Work. Milan, 25, 26 November.

Skema introduces Nadura through the Moodboard. where else?

Because innovation is what you breathe at Architect @Work. We're talking about state-of-the-art innovation of materials, systems, ideas. A perfectly set stage for architects, interior designers and professionals of the industry.

For the Italian version of this extraordinary and original event, a team of professional architects selected 150 exhibitors, which had the chance to meet in a warm and relaxed environment, expressing themselves in 3sq meters.

And Skema's 3sq meters, the feedback was great. Our new format for exhibitions, called Moodboard, confirms its value, and gave depth to Nadura's concept, elevating its perception from covering to surface, from material to matter.

An opportunity to play with materials, mixing effects, surfaces and colors, sketches and geometries. A space for exhibitions, able to transform itself from functional into emotional.

And emotional indeed it was to take part to this event, whose format is replicated in 10 other European cities, which is bound to become a reference for all the professionals in the construction and interior design sectors.

Skema is already working on new ideas for the 2016 edition, with 3sq mt more to tell.