Lindura’s Warmth and Resilience for an Oasis in the Heart of Brianza

Lindura's warmth reaches the heart of Brianza, in the Lombardy region, to envelope the 350 m² of Chebika, a coffee and lounge bar in Cantù.

Chebika, which was named after an oasis in Tunisia, opened its doors in April with an exquisitely ethnic mood. The flooring material was provided by Centro Edile Badini in Guidizzolo (MN) with the help of architect Corrado.

When it came to deciding the floor and furniture for the design, owner Ms Marzia Zoccarato was looking for a resilient product that would enhance the ethnic theme of the venue, making it a warm and welcoming place.

Initially, the preferred solution was a synthetic surface, but it was ruled out when the customer was introduced to Lindura. From then on, Skema's floor became the main star of the renovation, and also the inspiration for the new furniture.

To enhance the vast surface of the venue, two variations of Lindura were used: Black Way and Natural. Two tonalities, one bright and one dark, for a chromatic solution to make the two different areas of the venue stand out. The large size of the slats 260x320x11mm further contributed to create a larger space.

Lindura combines the warmth of wood and an extreme mechanical resilience. These two characteristics make Lindura the ideal flooring solution for public venues with a modern feel for a young and energetic crowd.

At the completion of the project for Chebika, the expectations of the customer were met and, in fact exceeded, confirming Lindura's ability to conjugate real wood and intense usage.


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