Imagination, creativity and innovation are the ingredients that turn the wood Skema into floor and wall coverings. An example? The range that comes from the patent nadura.it and represents a new philosophy of the matter and its use in furniture, not only includes the use of FSC forest wood (acronym that guarantees the origin from a forest managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards), but even enhances it and makes it a factor of merit.

Lindura is the first real layered wood flooring which does not use adhesives but 'merges' with WOOD POWDER, the core of NADURA, in order to become a textured wood, improved  in wear and impact resistance, with excellent performances of  BFL fire reaction, and thus suitable for any use in public environments.

What does Lindura patent consist in?

In simple terms, what does Lindura patent consist in? The additived wood fiber that is transformed in Wood Powder, already coloured and still warm, embraces the plank of natural wood, penetrates it and strengthens it by creating a single unit with the core panel. No glue, no adhesives but only matter that melts and creates the beautiful, the strong, the new: Lindura.


What sort of resistance does this technique guarantee?

Lindura exceeds with flying colors the test of resistance to trampling, making possible the use of wood floor in environments once considered not suitable, even in finishes enriched of color.

With the new formula, the pores of the wood are enriched by the fiber nadura.it. No more risks of dents, engravings, no smoothing. Only a wood parquet resistant beyond any previous limit.

Lindura is a real wood with knots, cracks, standing out pores, a warm material, but with the strength that only the new technology allows him to express in order to provide many advantages.


The elegance of Lindura

The gamma Lindura emphasizes and highlights the characteristics of the oak, from which arises the timber folder. The wood vain grain, a trace of its growth, a path of matter through time and environment, all traces are left natural, protected only by an oil layer, natural or colored in order to emphase the grain. This is the patented technique Lindura, enriched in the pore by Wood Powder, which protects it as a delicate armor.

Lindura is available in six oak finishes and two sizes, with two Wood Powder colorings.

Nadura-Lindura depliant


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