laminated floorings

The wide family of laminate floorings Living includes the collections with wooden-effect décor K-Uno, K-Uno XL, Prestige L, Make-up, Prestige Gold, Facile+.

For a materic effect Skema offers the new Vision Syncro Parquet, Syncro Multiwood, Syncro Oxyd and Syncro Tiles with the new all-round V micro-bevel that follows the surface decoration to the edge of each plank for a maximum aesthetic and mechanical performance.

Living floorings are practical and do not require a special maintenance. They can be laid over an existing flooring, avoiding important construction interventions and sparing on time and costs of labour. Easy to lay and full of qualities.  

We propose a range full of decors that are split into different surface finishings and measurements, from the traditional plank to the extra long size, that enhance the visual and tactile features of every flooring. A collection of many accessories completes the range for having a coordinated installation.

A collection suitable not only for any living needs but also for high traffic commercial and public environments. 


FORMAT: 2052x208x9 mm


A winning collection from many points of view, from the exceptional beauty of the decors that enhance the charm of real wood, to the remarkable technical performances. It is characterized by a long laminate plank, an exclusive and patented décor, the synchronous pore on the plank and the bevel on the long plank sides to reproduce the authenticity of a real wood flooring. It is available also in XL version with a  peculiar width of 248 mm to enhance the peculiar plank dimensions.

FORMAT: 2052x248x9 mm


It's the XL version of the K-Uno collection. With his peduliar width of 248 mm, enhance the peculiar plank dimension.


FORMAT: 2052x220x8 mm


From Skema tradition of quality of PRESTIGE GOLD originates now the new L version with measurements 2052x220 mm, 9 decors studied for every environments, all-round V-bevel and a surprise: Mash Up.

FORMAT: 1287x140x8 mm


The MAKE-UP floorings, with a slim plank that evokes natural wood boards, exalt the beauty of the surface workings thanks to the natural variations in the chromatic tonalities, such as in real wood, and through the bevelling along the entire perimeter of the planks. Beautiful and with many added qualities.

FORMATS: 1287x140x8 mm; 2052x220x8 mm


Why don't we propose a new installation pattern taking inspiration from wood? In order to give the environment movemente and harmony Skema proposes MASH-UP, a mix of PRESTIGE L and MAKE-UP planks. Same abrasion resistance, all-round V-bevel.

FORMAT: 1287x198x8 mm


The new Skema PRESTIGE GOLD collection combines beauty and practicality. It offers a very wide range of proposals that can meet any need of domestic or commercial space. The technical performances are remarkable, starting from the new Tecno Lock System Plus, an extremely precise and strong joint, up to the bevelled border on the long sides that adds greater depth to space.

FORMAT: 1288x198x8 mm


FACILE+ is the quality of FACILE has been enhanced to AC4 resistance to combine aesthetic qualities and performances. Ideal for quick renovations to transform in short time your home look and improve the quality of living. An elegant floor easy to lay, now suitable also for offices, hotels, public areas.

FORMAT: 1288x198x7 mm


SILVER every budget deserves its Skema flooring. Silver is the proposal for all residential needs, for fast exhibition, for temporary installation. Decorations mainly inspired by the classic parquet, but also new finline planks of modern trend. Because Living flooring is always the solution.

FORMATS: 1182x293x12 mm; 1184x293x12 mm


SYNCRO PARQUET: Herringbone is among the oldest and mostr everlasting installation patterns, perfect for those who wants to recover the elegance of the past. Il is proposed in the classic and hungarian herringbone with inclinated cut version, in the natural tones of the oak but also in the more modern of grey.

FORMAT: 1182x396x8 mm


SYNCRO MULTIWOOD: This range, declined in 4 colors, surprises for its outstanding character. The perfect design of every single plank creates a unique endless effect. The pattern is characterized by three widths, where the middle one is repeated at the end of the following plank thanks to the ENDLESS technique.

FORMAT: 1183x396x8 mm


SYNCRO OXID collection exalts its matter effect through the Matt, Real and Authentic finishing surfaces. 

MATT has an homogeneous matt effect that enhances the different chromatic tones of the color, REAL is an alternation of matt and glossy finishing to intensify the surface depth.


FORMAT: 1184x601x8 mm


SYNCRO OXID collection exalts its matter effect through the Matt, Real and Authentic finishing surfaces.

REAL is an alternation of matt and glossy finishing to intensify the surface depth. The new maxi size 600x1200 mm is another novelty for the market.


FORMAT: 1184x601x8 mm


SYNCRO OXID collection exalts its matter effect through the Matt, Real and Authentic finishing surfaces. 

VISION SYNCRO OXID AUTHENTIC proposes three classic timeless decors of the previous Vision Line ( and also of the old Brio range) and three new decors, all with Authentic finishing.