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The Genius Experience Skema


From company "domestic" global player in both domestically and skills.


The Genius Experience Skema

Presented to customers and sales force the new collections of multilayer laminate flooring, materials and innovative technologies applied to coatings.
Genius Experience: all dedicated to the world Skema, the national road show organized by the Veneto to present to customers and dealers in the north, center and south of Italy, as well as the mission and initiatives in support of technical and commercial, the four new collections of multilayer laminate flooring line of Genius: Living, Creative, Expo, Sintesy, specially designed to offer cutting-edge coatings, design and guaranteed quality for both residential and commercial spaces and sports.
In particular the new line Living that, according to the specific technical and qualitative characteristics, is divided into two macro levels: Premium for the floors that have a higher degree of engineering as collections MaximLong, K-One, Make up, and Prestige Gold and Competence for floors with more standard equipment as collections executive and Easy. The collections of laminate flooring PREMIUM band are characterized by top quality sought in every way to both process and product guarantees, as well as a special beauty of decorative of advanced technological performance, solidity, acoustic comfort and durability in time. The outcome is a floor with exceptional anti-static properties, resistance to scratches, wear, impact and the more demanding specifications. For this reason it is ideal for both domestic and public environments.
The floors of the band COMPETENCE, always controlled every stage of production, ensure the quality and reliability of a product certificate guaranteeing stress resistance and durability. They are ideal for living spaces of the house and offer a wide range of new colors in absolute trend with the most current styles of living. New entries in the top range of the line is the Living Premium plank laminate MAXIM LONG. Proposed with a wide range of decorative floor shows a format roll along the dimensions 2052x198x8 mm. A floor that brings to life the character of the axes of the wood once giving a special charm to the environment. Offering an exceptional ability to resistance to stress, Maxim Long can withstand high degrees of wear and tear (AC6), and to guarantee the best performance for stability, antistatic and sound insulation. Features that make this floor especially ideal for the realization of large surfaces. A wide range of decorative wood effect, proposed in Natural Wood Finishing finish to enhance the typical grain of the wood.
Genius includes inotre, the new Creative that allows to combine different materials and formats for floors design more personalized in the decor and size, and yet the system of vinyl flooring line Sintesy: new collection with exceptional aesthetic and with a qualitative range of decorative ranging from wood to stone. Finally, the line Expo, dedicated exclusively to the exhibition and temporary exhibitions.
A renewal of the line that passes through a series of models of high-design, based on the concept of modernity increasingly important, as a set indissoluble link between the tradition of the past and the innovation that projects into the future. A style of reference which starts from the raw material and the quality of the product has defined a reference brand in the industry, dedicated to a young in spirit, for those who love to personalize their habitat in the wild.
Skema represents a set of technical skills and style that have made it possible to transform the product into a full service design consulting and staff. Through its innovative choices, research on the forms and materials, as well as the desire to create new ways to furnish through its products, Skema into the world their own italian style. Further information, insights and news updates in the renovated website