How can Italian style furniture be taken abroad, while nonetheless maintaining the Made-in-Italy quality and affordable prices? Italian Habit has found an answer to this question. Or rather, they have found it, since Italian Habit is a network of companies belonging to the furniture, finishing and design branches, which have come together to compete with international competitors. And Skema, too, is part of this team.

Italian style furniture in a business network

Italian Habit consists of six departments: kitchen, living, dining, bathroom, bedroom, as well as floor and surface coverings. And the last one is the department revolving around Skema, whose role is literally to connect the whole furniture, because floorings and coverings for bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedrooms turn into the common denominator of a style which keeps on achieving success around the world: the Italian style.

This union created a new subject in the economic world, one which can meet the requirements of both contract and retail, and which showed its products at the MIDEX fair.

MIDEX: the international home show

The companies exhibiting at MIDEX – in 2014, there were 235 of them, coming from 14 countries – present everything one may need for a house: from interior design to lightning, from furniture to the latest technologies for any system in the house.

From January 5th to 8th, 2015, then, Italian Habit and Skema, too, came to the Permanent Fair Ground in Tehran. Together with 25 other Italian companies, they thus got a chance to meet managers, suppliers, investors and customers from a new market, namely Iran's market.

As an article in the Financial Tribune underlined, by quoting Luca Penna's words, the director of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture in Pordenone, this fair is an opportunity to rebuild the business relationship that once existed between Italy and Iran, which, though, the sanctions recently imposed on the Middle-Eastern country have hampered. But this very country would be an extremely good market for Italy.

This is proven by what Raju Paithankar, project manager at Italian Habit, said: the Iranian market is expanding fast and can rely on excellent interior designers who, though, cannot easily find the materials they need. And this is exactly why Italy, and especially Italian Habit, can help them: Pordenone's holding can indeed supply them with the pieces of furniture and the floor and surface coverings they look for. Besides, the price-quality relationship would be interesting even for a market where apartment prices are quite high and, therefore, leaves little money for interiors. Enough to have yourself a lot of Italian style, though.