Introducing the Latest Addition to Our Catalogue: Nadura Nero Radis

Poliform's choice for their customers' showrooms has always been natural wood, namely Opera Live for floors (with brushed surface, black color and oil finish), and Vero Wall Black for walls.


The core of the idea was to convey a message of elegance, inspired by the image of a “tuxedo for a Gran Galà,” which would – at the same time - allow different matches and make the furniture stand out.


This type of format was used until the Salone del Mobile in April 2015. After that, the idea was implemented, to substitute Opera and Vero Wall with the new Nadura, one of the most performing products in our portfolio. The Radis finish was then applied to the Nero Ducati version of Nadura.


Radis evokes the idea of a wooden shuttering used for concrete structures. The result is a fusion between the powdered stone of cement and wood, which leaves the observer wondering if it is wood or another similar material.


Another important feature of this variation of Nadura is the remarkable size of the slats (they measure 2600x270x10.5), which makes them suitable for large surfaces.


Nadura Nero Radis will have its debut in January 2016, at the interior design trade fair in Cologne. Poliform's stand will have its typical Gran Galà style, only this time more shining than ever.