I Wanted an L.V.T., I Got Laminate Instead. A Wellness Center Finds Its Perfect Floor


Once upon a time there was a wellness center that wanted a vinyl floor. But it found a laminate instead, and happily so.

This is a story of a renovation we consider to be the perfect example of how a great synergy can lead to the perfect solution. Even in the face of unforeseen problems. Even at the cost of turning the premises of a project upside down.

Let's find out how.

A wellness center has to offer an environment that helps reestablish the momentarily lost balance between body and mind. With this purpose in mind (which is as easy as profound), Gambettola Wellness Center's management sets about converting an industrial space.

The project is awarded to Wellness 7.0 a hub of experts in the Wellness, SPA&Beauty and Hospitality sectors, coordinated by account manager Luca Ceccarini, and specialised in the development of integrated projects.

And to represent the search for harmony there is no image more evocative than the Ying and the Yang, where the opposites are brought back together and coexist dynamically. To integrate this symbolism into the design of the gym, Mr Ceccarini gets in touch with Skema requesting a vinyl floor with an alternation of black and white.

From L.V.T. to laminate

Each project starts with the end result in mind.

Going from the project to the execution however, always has in itself a story, and sometimes a few glitches. In our case those presented themselves after our first inspection during the first stage of the renovation.

Once the pre-existing carpet was removed, it revealed a highly irregular surface. Applying L.V.T. efficiently would have required a further levelling with additional costs, which were not feasible.

But passion rapidly transforms unforeseen events in small and big challenges and, together with Project Manager architect Alesssio Cuzzolin from studio A70, Skema found an alternative solution.

The answer was our laminate Living, which can be steadily applied to irregular surfaces, providing the same performance of L.V.T. in presence of intense foot traffic and fitness equipment.

In order to represent the alternation of opposites, we moved away from the classic wood effect, and relied on the Vision range instead, namely on its Grey and Vulcan Krypton decors. 

With Skema a solution is at hand. Always

The challenge of this renovation was won thanks to a supplier like Skema that, with its several lines of high-quality products, can afford to be flexible and adapt in real time to any unforeseen event any project always brings.

The final result is a functional and highly performing space, where energies can be regenerated, and wellness can be found again.

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