How Skema and Euromobil created a new format for the trade fair stand


In preparation for the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we had the opportunity to collaborate with several exhibitors to provide the flooring system for their stands.

A particularly interesting project was the one for Euromobil, a company that designs, builds and sells kitchens and other moderns design solutions for the home, based in Falzè di Piave (near Treviso).

What made Euromobil's stand so particular was their idea to recreate the same feeling of the catalogue. The result was a new and more complete way to conceive the exhibition's stand, from a mere space to showcase products, to format on its own. 

By combining this approach with attention to details and an accurate choice of the right elements, the brand could express its identity not only through its products, but also through the stand itself.


The importance of a trusted advisor

A crucial aspect of this project was the contribution of architect Roberto Gobbo, whose firm is based in Treviso in viale Vittorio Veneto 35 (www.robertogobbo.com). Mr Gobbo collaborates with Euromobil as a consultant for interior design, product design and fittings for exhibitions.


The perfect product for the occasion

Following the brief, which required creating a warm and welcoming environment, the chosen product was K-Uno XL Rovere Florida, whose tonality, colors, dimensions and particularly prize, proved ideal.

In fact, the more competitive price, other than its innovative character, was what led to choose K-Uno XL over Skema Lindura.

After the successful completion of this project, Euromobil is considering extending this idea to other trade fairs, through an exclusive collaboration with Skema and other providers, with the coordination of Mr Gobbo.

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