From Open Mind to Marina Decking: A Tour of the New Hotel Ramada

The relationship between Skema and Hotel Ramada in Bologna started about ten years ago, with the installation of Facile laminate in the bedrooms and the hall, and it was renewed this year, when Ramada's CEO Cristian Lami thought of Skema to renew their meeting room.

Starting from this request, we developed a complete project that included several areas.

For those who (like Skema) believe that function and design cannot be kept separated, a hotel is the perfect representation of the living sphere, a microcosm of different spaces to be lived intensely, both by casual guests and resident staff.

Follow us in this tour then, where we show you around so you can see how this project started and developed.

Open Mind

Let's start from the beginning, namely from the meeting room where, thanks to the contribution of architect Elena Ogna (studio Civico46 in Brescia), the most important wall was decorated with the marquetry and the geometries of Open Mind's living wood, while the floor is covered with Oximoro Ermitage's three-layered oak with a brushed Cezanne finish


From the meeting room, we then move to the hall, where K-UNO Rovere Crudo stands out, with its ability to shape the space around it, 

and to the contiguous lounge area, where our laminate blends with natural light, creating a warm feeling.


Let's move back to the meeting room, with the most technical installation of the whole project: the soundproof ceiling.

In this case, Akustika's panels (with a 16mm Lino Cancun decoration, which was also used to decorate other fitted walls), and with Mr Talevi's technical supervision (engineering studio Teco, Bologna), perfectly integrate with several other elements, such as air conditioning, lighting, and fire alarm. 


In this room (adjacent to the balcony), where the fitness area will be set up, the protagonist is once again Oximoro with the Cezanne finish and Top Level's raised flooring system, which was designed to let technology work in the background and set the space free, so that people can live it in full.

Marina Decking

We end our tour on the external balcony, moving from Oximoro's pulsing wood, to the revisited wood of Marina Decking. Here, the WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) of our Outdoor line, with its fine balance of wood and polyethylene, ensures resilience, design and ease of maintenance.

Hotel Ramada's renovation project was an engaging challenge, an opportunity to design an integrated system of wall and floor coverings, where we could combine mood and functionality and make them vibrate in unison.