Facile+: The Evolution of Laminate Flooring and the Passion That Nurtures It


Among the members of the Living family, Facile+ is the perfect representation of the past, present, and future of laminate. It's a story that starts with Facile and makes the current version one of the oldest products in our catalogue.

The "+" sign however, does not only stand for the increased resistance class, from AC3 to AC4, or a much wider choice of nineteen decors and six finishes. It also summarizes and represents the continuous research on materials and the passion that feeds it.

Casa Sala and Skema's laminate

So this is how we're proving that: by discovering three of Facile+'s decors more in detail, by entering Casa Sala's showroom in Sesto Calende. 


Casa Sala is focused on designing and refurbishing different types of environments, both private and commercial. They are able to guarantee a complete management of projects, from the initial consultation to the final touches of the interior design.

Owner Massimiliano Sala had the chance to first meet Skema through our partner Gilegno in Somma Lombardo, and immediately saw Facile+'s potential, applied to his showroom.

The reasons? A resistant, versatile, and extremely stable material, which also offers ease of assembly and with an excellent quality-price relationship is the ideal choice for both commercial and private applications.

Three ways to conceive laminate

Our short tour starts from the living area, where Facile+ with Grey Oak offers great dynamism, thanks to the chiaroscuro and the saw effect.  

For the sleeping area, Casa Sala chose Rovere Sunny's warmth, which proves to be extremely versatile, thanks to its neutral colors. 

Finally, an innovative version, dedicated to all those environments that are not afraid to dare, with a more prominent surface. It's the Umbro Oak version, a 2015 addition, which is already very popular thanks to its central grain, enhancing an absolutely natural background color.

And here's how, within the same line of product, we declined very different finishes, maximising the result with each of them, and guaranteeing a great performance.

Three translations, three different chapters of the history of laminate, to which Skema gives a daily contribution with strong passion.