Fabrizio Decorstore the Rome based partner for renovations

Skema's partner, Fabrizio Decorstore, is a historic family business that has been in operation for 60 years, based in the lively Pigneto district, not far from the historic centre of Rome.

We interviewed Nicolò, who represents the third generation, to find out more about the market in the Rome area and Fabrizio Decorstore's relationship with Skema.

More than 250 sqm of shop

The Fabrizio Decorstore shop is a large space on two floors, one of which is dedicated exclusively to wall coverings, a true single-brand store where you can get hands-on with all the Skema proposals.

Fabrizio Decorstore offers not only floor and wall coverings, but also all the products for interior and exterior decoration, with a selection of excellent materials.

Inside, the atmosphere is lively and dynamic, reflecting the neighbourhood in which the shop is located, Pigneto, a trendy, young and creative area where it is easy to come across architecture studios, interior designers, but also artists, film professionals and, of course, tourists. 

We asked Nicolò how his clientele is made up. What emerged was a varied reality, where, in addition to the historic and consolidated quota of private clients, collaborations with architects and interior design professionals have been strengthened. 

This is thanks to the professionalism and service that Fabrizio Decorstore offers, assisting customers in making strategic choices, from supply and installation to after-sales service, to complete renovation or refurbishment projects. A shop that is a point of reference for professionals and that only uses serious and proven quality business partners.  

Oximoro Opera 26 Etna Naturale - Private Residence - Talenti zone Rome

Sintesy Star.K Malta - Pharmacy - Central area Rome

Fabrizio Decorstore and the partnership with Skema

The gallery with Fabrizio Decorstore's design references is a litmus test of the most popular products and the type of environments concerned: there is a lot of nature, with the Oximoro line of wooden floors playing the leading role in the many residential renovations, but there is also Sintesy Star.K selected to cover the surfaces of shops and public areas in particular.

Pure raw material on the one hand, and SPC technology on the other, is what Nicolò tells us about his customers' preferences.

The charm and warmth of the material wood, in its many finishes ranging from rustic to classic, is an essential component for many who choose it for their homes. On the other hand, the better known SPC Star.K becomes, the more it is appreciated for its many qualities: from its aesthetic appearance to its resistance, not to mention its great practicality, which often sees it used as a floor and wall covering in bathrooms.

Take a look at Fabrizio Decorstore's web section dedicated to his partnership with Skema.

Oximoro Opera Evo Antico Piallato - Private Residence - San Giovanni area Rome

Sintesy Star.KR Rovere Fumè - Osteria Ristorante - Area Pigneto Rome

Oximoro Opera Evo Originale Classic - Private Residence - Central area Rome

Personal preference

In the end, we asked Nicolò to leave aside his role as a professional for a moment and tell us which of the many Skema solutions he loves best. His instinct led him towards Oximoro Oxfordthe beautiful and innovative wooden floor with VLS technological interlocking, as if to say that the beauty of nature in its purity has no equal, but the technology we can enjoy today helps, a lot.

Oximoro Oxford Regent - Private Residence - EUR Zone Rome  

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