Ducati Reconfirms Their Partnership with Skema: We Are Now Official Suppliers


The collaboration between Skema and Ducati started in 2013, with Skema's Raffaele Ferrara and Ducati's Simona Cardace, Giovanni Giovanardi and Riccardo Brunoni. Over the years, not only has this partnership become stronger, but has also led to the creation, in 2014, of a new high-performance flooring system: Nadura Nero Ducati.



How Nadura Nero ducati was created

Ducati needed a solution for the floors of their showrooms, both in Italy and worldwide. According to the brief, the floor should be black asphalt, be very resistant, allow for transversal installation, and be suitable for any market in the world.

Skema's Nadura's project was chosen by Ducati for its technical characteristics, which perfectly fit their idea.

Nadura flooring system has a simplified, low-thickness installation, which makes it suitable for the impact of rubber tyres and metal easels. This high resistance proved to be the decisive factor for Ducati, considering the high traffic of vehicles on display and people in their showrooms.

The black asphalt colour was first exclusively designed for Ducati, and then it became part of Skema's catalogue last March. That is a confirmation of how a winning idea can find its way to the market.

Last July, Ducati was invited to Skema's open day. The event gave us the opportunity to set up a stand to illustrate our collaboration, and to give way free tickets for the MotoGP Championship.

Ducati is getting ready to compete - and hopefully win – in the MotoGP races, counting on the reliability and resistance of our Nadura floors, which can also be found in all Ducati's showrooms.

The year 2015 started with the confirmation of our partnership with Ducati, and with Skema becoming the official supplier.

We look forward to our collaboration, hoping to continue to be Ducati's floor supplier, and to face and win new challenges together.


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