Choosing the right floor: the importance of the material

The type of flooring chosen for finishing an environment has a crucial role in the final result of a realization or of a renovation. This is the reason why some  aspects that cannot be neglected when taking this decision:

  • aesthetic: to different textures, colors and combinations correspond very different results;
  • practical: time required for laying and subsequent daily maintenance vary from floor to floor;
  • economic: the impact on the budget and the possibility to access tax bonuses.


Real wood, laminate or vinyl LVT?

Each of these types of floorings has specific advantages. Here they are in brief.

Laminate and vinyl floorings present on the market nowadays are the result of tests and experiments which led into new finishes, assimilable to wood, stone, porcelain and other precious materials, of which they retain reflexes and beauty. The past correlation between laminates and low quality does no longer exist: the new vinyl LVT floorings (Luxury Vinyl Tile) are, for example among the most resistant floors on the market, an almost perfect blend of practicality and style at an affordable price.

Skema's collections made of these materials are LIVING VISION (laminate floorings) and Sintesy (vinyl floorings LVT), high performance products that allow to combine different materials and formats in order to create custom decor and size compositions.

On the other hand, the characteristics of wood, by its nature warm in winter and cool in summer, allow wooden floors to exploit the thermal conductivity and the soundproofing and to give excellent performances. Thanks to cutting edge treatments and processes it is now possible to lay the parquet even in the most humid rooms of the house, you just have to choose the right product.

Skema's  collection dedicated to wood is named Oximoro: the best European oak wood, from certified origin, gives life to planks and panels used for floor and wall coverings of great emotional value that transform any room into a warm and welcoming space.


The alternative that brings all in agreement: the Wood Powder

Traditional alternatives have been recently enriched by a new material developed after nearly a decade of research: the Wood Powder -  wood powder mixed with melamine resin, which are combined, merging into a new material, durable but of absolutely natural appearance. Skema has employed this new technique in its lines Nadura and Lindura, collections of structured wooden floors, improved  in wear and impact resistance, with excellent performances of  BFL fire reaction, and thus suitable for any use in public environments.

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