Choosing a Hardwood Floor Means Following Tradition

Laminate, LVT, hybrid materials: when it comes to floor coverings, over the recent years the alternatives to hardwood have multiplied.

Wood, however, is holding its position, remaining in some cases a fundamental choice.

Hardwood floorings were introduced in France at the end of 16th century, in the homes of wealthy families, as a more manageable alternative to marble. Over time, the parquet (which derives from the French word parchet, "small park," meaning enclosed space) became a more widespread option.

There are three main reasons why wood is still on demand: it's natural, warm, and has an unlimited life. Also, it proved to be able to be in step with the times.

With Skema's line Oximoro for example, our customers can rediscover the feeling of old hardwood floors, by choosing between several effects, such as weathered, moth-holed, saw cut, or modern French fishbone with a dove-grey polish (which was chosen by Libreria Rizzoli for their prestigious store in Milan).

Different aspects to consider when choosing a hardwood floor

If you're looking for a hardwood floor there are different things to consider.

Format. The dimensions of the slats can vary widely to adapt to the surfaces to cover. For small spaces, smaller slats should be preferred, while open space environments can be enhanced with slats of large dimensions.

Finish. The choice of the finish is no longer limited to lucid or opaque. Now customers have many more options, such as oil, UV paint, water paint, lacquering.

Effect. There are different effects available, such as planing, brushing, saw-cutting, oxidation, moth holes.

Thickness and layers. Skema's catalogue includes hardwood floors with a thickness between 10mm and 15mm and two or three layers. A smaller thickness is recommended to cover existing floors, using a glue-down method. Three layers are more suitable for larger, floating slats.

Choosing is easy with the Live On Demand project

For the most demanding customers, Skema's Oximoro line includes the Live On Demand project, whereby the slats are directly produced according to our customers' preferences.

With Live On Demand, our skilled artisans will create the perfect floor for each customer, according to our threefold philosophy: offering the widest range possible, great flexibility of execution, and continuous assistance to help you choose the best.

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