Choose Skema to choose FSC®-certified sustainability

Skema has been a member of the FSC® chain of custody for many years, one of the most important recognitions of the company's commitment to raising environmental awareness in the hot surface market.

The issue of protecting forests and with them a natural heritage, where FSC® control also contributes to protecting animal habitats, maintaining biodiversity, and ensuring "zero deforestation", cannot be ignored today and Skema places it among its priorities.

An advanced model of environmental protection

FSC® certification was obtained by Skema for the first time in 2013 and is awarded for the use of wood from responsibly managed forests according to the strict environmental, social and economic standards of the FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council, an independent non-profit organisation established in 1990.

FSC® is one of the most internationally recognised labels and has become a standard of reference in certifying the value of a product in terms of sustainability and the company's adherence to an advanced model of environmental protection, communicated in a transparent and rigorous manner. 

Flooring in harmony with forests

So knowing that the floors we are going to buy are FSC® certified gives us an extra guarantee on the choice we are making, a preference that will help preserve forests from deforestation and protect the biodiversity they host. 

A conscious decision in harmony with nature that in Skema can be translated for example in the installation of Oximoro wood floors: Chevron, Cambridge and Palladio that are available with FSC® certification.


Chevron is the proposal of Skema's Authentic Concept dedicated to the classic and Hungarian herringbone. It has a three-layer structure and is made of Hungarian oak of certified origin. It is an Italian-made product with refined surface finishes that emphasise the materiality of the wood. The stave measures 700x140x15 mm and is available in eight colours, varnished or oiled.


Oximoro Cambridge is an all-Italian manufactured product with certified territorial provenance of Hungarian Oak, a wood with a structured fibre, both in the selected and rustic choice. Cambridge has a soft, handcrafted plank style, has a three-layer structure and multi-width format, highlighting the Oak wood. The careful surface processing and the eight colours, varnished or oiled, with which it is available make it a highly prized floor.


Palladio is the Slavonian Oak wood floor, made entirely in Italy and certified, available in three sizes: plank, maxi-list and Hungarian spine. It is characterised by surface treatments that aim to enhance the authentic nature of the wood with matt water-based varnishes and a moderate and natural brushing. A wooden floor with fire resistance class Cfl-s1, perfect for responding to market demands with style, technology and respect for the environment.

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