And the Winners for the Best Nadura and Lindura Projects Are...

A rumbling autumn coming up from Skema and Ducati, with two exciting initiatives.

Let's start with a contest we launched in June, for the best Nadura and Lindura projects and installations. Customers with the best projects were awarded the chance to go to the Moto GP Grand Prix in San Marino, while all participating projects will be featured in the Gallery section of www.nadura.it.

The second initiative is a one-day event on the 4th of November at Ducati's headquarter in Borgo Panigale (Bologna), which will include a guided visit to Ducati's factory and museum, to discover the exciting history that binds Ducati, the Emilia region and the motorbike world.

While we're putting together the details for the November event (more to come in the next issue of this Newsletter), here are the winners of the contest: Centro Edile Badini and Agostineli Group. For them, the unique experience of closely following Ducati at the MotoGP Gran Prix in San Marino on 11-12-13 September.

Here we present the winning projects in more detail.

Best project: Chebika and Nevecentouno Wine Bar

Lounge bar Chebika in Cantù (Centro Edile Badini's project) opened its doors in April with Lindura as the only covering of its 350-m2 area. Skema's floor gave a fundamental contribution in conveying the suggestions, tastes and colors of Tunisia, which is Chebika's source of inspiration. 

Lindura blends perfectly with the venue's space and furniture, thanks to its large slats (2600x320x11mm) and a bold use of two different colours: Black Way and Natural. Two tonalities, one bright and one dark, for a chromatic solution that makes the two areas of the venue stand out.

The result is the perfect recreation of the sensations of wellness and refreshment that an oasis would give, offering at the same time the level of performance required by a large space with high foot traffic.

Centro Edile Badini were also awarded the prize for their work with Novecentouno wine bar, featuring a wall application of Nadura Nero Ducati

This project perfectly adheres to Skema's philosophy, as it goes beyond the ideas of coverings and floors, to embrace the concepts of matter and a space to give life to.

All the participating projects will be featured in the Gallery section of Nadura website.

Best Showroom: Agostinelli Group

The second pair of tickets went to Agostinelli Group, which was awarded for the best Nadura showroom installation.

What we really appreciated in AgostinellI was not only the area of their showroom dedicated to Nadura Nero Ducati, but also their proactive spirit in promoting their products, and Skema's in particular, for example by choosing Nadura for the floor of the showroom.

We would like to thank all of our customers for taking part to the contest, we would like to invite you all to the Ducati HQ in Misano Adriatito for the Skema – Ducati event this October.

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