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Akustika in Cortina d'ampezzo to combine tradition and sound technology

"Larice: albero cosmico lungo il quale scendono il sole e la luna. Ogni primavera si riveste di luce verde. E in autunno illumina d'oro le pareti." - Mario Rigoni Stern

Can the tradition of wood meet the technology?

It is a question that designers and builders of the alpine areas are asked daily and to which most of the time they can give affirmative answer.
A question for which often Skema is asked, because finding solutions that can combine the tradition of wood, symbol of a well-established architectural culture, with the need to adopt high-performance technologies, is a complex process that requires great expertise.

The tradition of Larch

In Cortina D'Ampezzo wood is a must in the construction of buildings and interior furnishings. In particular, the essence that characterizes this place, together with the spruce, is larch. An arboreal species available in abundance and true emblem of the alpine atmosphere.
Larch is characterized by its resistance and durability and is used for interiors and exteriors. Thanks to its resistance it is used in the construction of bearing building elements, but also for bridges and boats. It is also widely used for interior coverings, walls and floors, for windows and doors and of course furniture and is characterized by its typical scent and its coloration with reddish reflections.
For the historic Mall of Cortina, La Cooperativa, it was natural to adopt larch as a piece of furniture, in fact benches and shelves inside the shop are made of this variety.

The technology of Akustika

When the need to improve the distribution of sound in one of the spaces of the mall emerged, the study of Architecture Brombini and Saccardo sought a functional solution but that would recall in the aesthetics the typical elements of the alpine environment .
The sound corrective ceilings chosen to reduce the noise in the atrium of the refreshment area of La Cooperativa are panels of the line Vertical Akustika. The decor could only be striped larch, a warm hue that perfectly matched with the rest of the environment.
The panels of size 60x60 cm were worked on the surface in order to optimise the absorption of the sound waves. The choice was the model 13/3 FP 16, where every 13 mm of full bands alternate with 3 mm in which the panel is milled and drilled and the holes , which have a diameter of 8 mm, are distant from each other 16 mm.
A discreet and highly functional installation that enriches with harmony the cheerful comings and goings in this historical place in the heart of Cortina d'Ampezzo.


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