4 reasons to choose Nadura


Nadura is a new material, ready to be shaped, colored, pressed, carved; result of many years of Swedish research, German engineering and manufacturing and Italian design.

Nadura is not a surface, it's a material

An innovation in the textured wood sector. Its uniqueness lies in the "wood powder" patent born from the synergy of wood fiber of European forests and amended melamine resin. This special composition gives the new material the characteristics of stone - firmness, color and hardness - merged to the unique elasticity of the wood. And that is precisely the reason why Nadura has a wooden heart but is durable as stone.


Nadura is a safe material, certified by European A + and AgBB tests, free of adhesives, paints, printed papers, inks. It is a product of high performance and environmentally friendly living.

This new material, by virtue of its particular characteristics allows to create products with low thickness, strong in the heart, resistant to very high point loads, as well as flame, without any risk of fragility.

Nadura is also the secret of the complementary product Lindura: composed of the basic Nadura merged with authentic sliced veneer of oak wood.

Nadura is an extensive gamma of products with stone effect finishes or with real oak wood.

4 are the reasons to choose this new type of textured wood, hard as stone, malleable as ceramic, but warm and natural as only wood can be.

  1. Nadura is resistant to foot traffic. No more risk of dents or engravings, forget smoothing. Thanks to the innovative technique, the pores of the wood are enriched with melamine resin that gives firmness and durability characteristic of harder materials while maintaining the elasticity of wood. Nadura is a compact and durable wood floor beyond any old limit
  2. Nadura is resistant to impact. Floors subject to frequent bumps? Gyms, shops, offices, kitchens? No problem. As already said, the melamine resin component allows Nadura to keep the elasticity and the warmth of the wood, giving at the same time hardness and impregnability.
  3. Nadura spreads the heat. Wooden floor but cold as stone? It is not our case. Nadura is isolating and thanks to this feature maintains its warmth and enhances it with its visible fiber, with its cracks sealed by matter.
  4. Nadura is easy to clean. Wood that resists like ceramics, maintaining however the characteristics of wood fiber. Nadura is characterized by closed surface, opaque, structural but non-absorbing and therefore easy to clean.