Skema devotes 2017 to the Lindura Project and to the concept of evolution it expresses

As every year, Skema wants to tell something about itself and share it.
And so, looking back to the past, events as 2015 Ducat Day and 2016 Discovery Day surface.


The contents of Lindura* Project

In 2017, starting from last June, the 12th, Skema has devoted an event to the new Lindura Project.
This time the mission is a little bit more challenging than the previous ones because it does not only aim at making know but also raising awareness and internalizing a creative project that has to equal on the market.
Because Lindura means Wood, it means explaining an important technological investment that leads to a net change of paradigm. It means speaking of the concreteness and strength of what is tactile, natural, and technological.
Issues such as new vertical surfaces coverings, noise reduction, research and development of advanced products, forecasts of tomorrow's market trends have also been discussed.

Lindura Project, the Tour

You can live all this in the next meetings.
Beside the event of the 12th of June, you will find a program of 13 scheduled dates in which Skema team will reach the major cities of our peninsula.
Next tour locations will be Turin, Milan, Frosinone, Naples, Rome, Florence, Ancona, Chieti, Catania, Palermo and finally Bari.
But hurry up because in Udine and Bologna the event has already taken place, here is a taste for you in our photo album.


















* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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