Skema and the beauty of being 25 years old



Today is a special day here at Skema: we celebrate our first 25 years.

1992. In the same year that Karaoke was trendy, Galileo Galilei was rehabilitated, in Italy 883 group debuted with the album "Hanno ucciso l'uomo ragno" and the Treaty of Maastricht was signed, in that same February 1992 began also Skema adventure.

As for many people, even for us birthday is a good time to celebrate, perfect for letting us go back to memories, think over the fundamental steps and important events, be proud of achievements and laugh at the funniest anecdotes.
Birthdays and anniversaries are the perfect celebration to tell about themselves and we, too, have taken the chance right away  to look back at our history.

But 25 years is a long time to tell all together, for a couple it is its silver wedding anniversary, for a company it is the clue of solidity and reliability built through a multitude of events.
So we decided to summarize our quarter of a century describing Skema with his numbers, one for each of our 25 years business.
And here Skema story is told in some of the most important numbers:


1 the owner: Domenico Barabas
2 the countries where live the children sponsored by Skema
3 the headquarters of Skema over the years: Spresiano, Oderzo and then Ponte di Piave
4 are the dimensions that Skema covers (floors, walls, false ceilings and raised floors)
different quality certifications obtained by Skema during these years (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC, GREENER, PEFC)
customer care girls today (but tomorrow they will be more)
the values that characterize Flex floor
the civic number of our headquarter in Ponte di Piave
the decors in the Living line Prestige L
10+ the grade our products deserve
11 millimeters of thickness of Lindura planks
12 newsletters sent monthly every year
13 years from the creation of the new Skema plant
14 thousand people reached in a month with Facebook
15 days needed to organize in every detail the Discovery Day
16 millimeters of minimum distance between a hole and the other in our sound-absorbing panels
17 products of Multilayer line
18 videos on our Youtube Channel
19 thousand orders processed in a year
20 the average age of the girls working in Skema (... perceived age!)
21 European Nations where you can find  Skema products
22 hours per week that each member of the team dedicates to customer care by phone
23 domestic class of Living products
24 new decors proposed  per year
25 years of care and passion dedicated to surfaces innovation

Generally it is said that what matters is not how old you are, but how old you feel.
In this case age is important, as 25 years business means experience and professionalism established overtime.
But certainly what counts is also the purposeful, constructive and positive spirit from the people who have undertaken to make Skema the reality that it is today and that every day create a new piece of this magnificent adventure and dream shared with the owner and his family. They have made possible all Skema numbers.
Today we are pleased to celebrate with our collaborators, consultants and business partners the first 25 years and the next 25 to come.



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